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About Us

Everyone works hard to succeed in their lives, achieve their goals and prosper. If you have acquired good education, have worked hard in life, you probably want to live in a developed country with all the comforts of a good life. Canada is considered as one of the world’s best place to live.

Why Choose Us

With the increasing opportunities in Canada and Express Entry program, immigrating to Canada is a promising and worth move. However, thinking of the move and actually making are very different and it is a big decision. With the complicated immigration processes and high expenses, most of the people step back and decide not to go ahead.

That’s why we are here to help! We are a team of consultants who will make your move as smooth as chocolate mousse! With our expertise and extensive knowledge, we will take all the trouble and will guide you through the whole process at a very little cost and very big peace of mind for you. We try to reduce complexities and worries out of your way. There will be nothing behind the curtain for you. You will be able to see through the whole process and trust us with all your faith and confidence.

The Team

We are a team of talented and experienced consultants who will guide you through the process of immigrating to Canada, right from the moment you contact us to stepping on Canadian border and getting your permanent residency card, and your start of a better life.

Services offered

We offer end-to-end guidance for many types of visas and categories. Our various affordable payment plans are tailored for helping all types of clients and their unique cases.We offer:

  • Guidance and documentation assistance for following visas:

Visitor Visa

Work Permit

Student Visa


  • Walk through of border crossing and preparation of landing documents
  • After-landing advise