We have assisted numerous businesses in increasing their sales on the platform through our PPC advertising services. In this case study, we will focus on Nude Envie, a cosmetic brand based in the USA that we recently collaborated with. Nude Envie had meticulously crafted listings, including Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), a professional storefront, and positive customer reviews. Despite of high-quality listings Nude Envie experienced considerably lower sales compared to their competitors.

At Nude Envie, we understand the importance of embracing natural beauty and seeking products that align with our customers' values. Our product lineup encompasses a diverse selection of cosmetics, including skincare essentials, makeup essentials, and body care products. Each item is thoughtfully crafted to harness the power of nature, offering effective solutions that cater to various skin types and concerns.

Despite Nude Envie's belief in the excellent quality and presentation of their products on Amazon, they were dissatisfied with the sales performance. They had previously attempted to generate sales through PPC ads for several months but were unable to achieve the desired results. This prompted them to seek assistance from Krolog to increase their sales on the platform.

Client’s Name:
Nude Envie LLP
Beauty & Personal Care
Amazon USA
Work Scope:
Amazon Sale Boost Service

Our Solution:

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords for Nude Envie’s products. This process ensured that their ads would appear for the right search terms, reaching their target audience effectively. As part of our strategy, we utilized various tools and techniques to identify key target keywords and phrases related to Nude Envie’s products. Here’s an overview of our approach:

  • Amazon Keyword Tool.
  • Ahrefs.
  • SellerApp
  • AMZ One.
  • Jungle Scout.
  • Helium 10.

We created a series of PPC campaigns for Nude Envie, each targeting a specific set of keywords. Additionally, within each campaign, we set up ad groups to ensure that the ads were tightly aligned with specific products, maximizing relevance and click-through rates.

Our team developed compelling ad campaign that showcased Nude Envie’s unique selling propositions, such as their use of natural ingredients. We also incorporated eye-catching images of their products to grab users’ attention and encourage engagement.

We closely monitored the campaigns and made regular adjustments to the bids for each keyword. This proactive bid management approach allowed us to keep Nude Envie’s ads competitive and ensure their prominent placement in search results.

Here is whatIsabel Madison: The Founder of Nude Envie had to say about us:

"We truly appreciate your admiration for the work and dedication of the team members. Their commitment and hard work play a vital role in delivering exceptional result and satisfaction."


The Amazon PPC campaign we implemented for Nude Envie, an online retailer of natural cosmetic products, had a significant impact on their sales and visibility on the platform. Here are the results we achieved:

  1. Sales Improve by 180%
  2. ACOS Reduce by 43%
  3. Refund Rate Reduce by 57.8% 

Our Amazon PPC campaign produced remarkable results for Nude Envie. Here are some of the key metrics:

  • Keyword research helped us optimize ad targeting, resulting in improved click-through rates and conversions.
  • Campaign creation and ad grouping ensured that Nude Envie’s ads were closely aligned with their specific products, increasing relevance and user engagement.
  • The compelling ad copy and eye-catching product images boosted ad visibility and attracted potential customers.
  • Our diligent bid management strategies helped maintain competitive ad positioning and maximize exposure.

Overall, the implemented PPC strategy significantly increased Nude Envie’s sales and drove more traffic to their product pages. By leveraging keyword research, precise campaign creation, captivating ad creation, and effective bid management, we achieved impressive results in enhancing Nude Envie’s visibility, sales performance, and overall success on Amazon.