Sales are the most critical aspect of any business on Amazon and require constant monitoring and optimization to ensure success. Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, you can’t just set up a store, then sit back and expect your customer to magically stumble upon your store. You need to drive traffic to your store — and running amazon PPC ads is the best way of doing this.

As a leading Amazon seller support services provider, we have helped many businesses boost their sales on the platform through our PPC advertising services. This case study is about Cleocotton, a USA-based clothing brand we recently worked with. Cleocotton had well-crafted listings, including EBC, a professional storefront, and positive customer reviews as well. Despite having high-quality listings and almost everything required for success on Amazon, Cleocotton's sales were significantly lower than those of their competitors.

They believed that the quality and presentation of their products on Amazon were excellent, but the sales curve never satisfied their quality listing and other efforts. They had tried to generate sales through google PPC ads for a few months, but it didn't work out for them. They were not seeing the results they wanted. That's when they contacted Krolog for help in increasing their sales on the platform. Their major concerns regarding amazon PPC ads were.

  • Budget estimation for ads
  • High quality keywords for campaigns
  • High ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales)
  • Low ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)
  • Regular Optimization
  • High CPC (Cost per click)
  • Low visibility(Impressions)
  • Low click-through rate (CTR)
  • Ineligibility on some ASINs
  • Poor ad placement
Client’s Name:
Work Scope:
PPC ads

Our Solution:

Our Amazon ads team conducted a thorough analysis of Cleocotton’s products and research on competitors and the target audience to craft strategies. We identified key target keywords and phrases related to the products using multiple tools:

With this useful data in hand from tools and information gathered through market research, we got a clear understanding of the actions needed to drive sales for the cleocotton. We started with:

  • We launched several campaigns aimed at the top keywords related to Cleocotton products. At first, we began with 6 campaigns and soon scaled up to more than 15 campaigns across cleocotton products, covering a wide range of cleocotton products.
  • We compiled a list of keywords after a thorough evaluation, concentrating on the top-converting search terms and keywords used by Cleocottons’s top leading competitors in order to develop strategies to compete with them.
  • We experimented with various match types for each keyword to determine what performed best for Cloeocotton. After reviewing search term reports, we optimized campaigns at every step of the way through our smart PPC Analyzer Tool. This made our task of optimizing over 20 campaigns manageable and efficient.
  • We helped Cleocotton enhance the listing of all its products for better results in automatic campaigns. Additionally, to boost the brand’s visibility, we targeted its competing ASINs with product targeting ads.
  • We created multiple targeted ad groups based on product categories, keywords, and audience segments to increase the relevance of the ads to potential customers.
  • Regular bid optimization helped us keep the CPC low while maintaining high ad placement, and negative keyword targeting helped us eliminate search terms not so relevant to products, which improved the performance of ads.
  • We created a few high-quality videos for different product categories to take advantage of an untapped opportunity, as we realized that our main rivals were not using video ads.
Here is whatSameh Wahaba (Cleocotton's owner) had to say about us:

"Initially, I was not sure about Krolog's capability to handle my brand. But within 2 months, they proved me wrong, and now they are assisting me with every brand I sell on Amazon. This partnership has greatly elevated my business. Thank you, Krolog."


The PPC campaigns for Cleocotton showed impressive results and great success, with a marked increase in visibility, clicks, orders, and sales compared to the previous month. The metrics of click-through rate (CTR), Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and Cost Per Click (CPC) also showed great improvement. These results led to a significant boost in sales, and the campaigns had a strong return on investment (ROI) as can be seen from the table below.

The PPC ads service provided by us was instrumental in driving significant growth in sales for Cleocotton on Amazon. Our team of experts in campaign creation and management were able to utilize their knowledge, tools, and experience to create and manage campaigns that effectively targeted the right audience and keywords, thus increasing visibility and driving sales for Cleocotton’s products. The results were outstanding, as we were able to achieve a significant increase in sales and customer engagement.

The process was also cost-effective and efficient, providing a good return on investment for Cleocotton. Overall, our PPC ads service was a key factor in the success of Cleocotton’s sales on Amazon and we are proud to have played a role in their growth.