Mini Scrapper Tools and Home Improvement Brand

Mini Scrapper,specializes in tools and improvement items. He approached us to improve the sales of his products through Amazon's PPC campaigns.

Here is a link to its Amazon store:

When we first began working with William, his sales figures were not impressive and his ACoS was higher than he would have liked. We identified several problems that needed to be addressed, including low click-through rates, low conversion rates, and high cost-per-click.

We have done thorough analysis and identified issues : 

  • Bids were not optimized properly
  • Campaign structure was not in place
  • Had Multiple High ACoS Campaigns

Our Solution

Multi Prolonged Amazon PPC Strategy to drive sales and reduce spend

  1. Optimized all existing campaigns of William
  2. Made adjustments to bids, keywords, and ad copy for improved performance
  3. Paused Non Profitable Ad Campaigns
  4. Created new Amazon PPC campaigns targeting different keywords and ad placements
  5. Monitored sales figures and ACoS to track progress
  6. Performed Micro-level PPC Campaign Optimization



Our actions had a significant impact on William’s sales figures and ACoS. Here are the results over the last 3 months:

  • January 2023 – $6985 PPC Sales with 21% ACoS
  • February 2023 – $7181 PPC Sales with 17.6% ACoS
  • March 2023 – $8260 PPC Sales with 13.67% ACoS

With our efforts, there is a steady improvement in sales figures each month, along with a decrease in ACoS. We were able to help William achieve his objective of increasing sales while reducing his advertising costs.

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