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GMB Optimization Strategies For 2020
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Account Management

We set up your eCommerce Marketplace account by managing the entire process of enrolling, moving further to the product listing, and more. We provide a complete explication to grow your sales on all significant Marketplaces & develop your business without any headache. We are the best in our work, and we know what we are doing! We can also assist your business with:

Product photo shoot & Product launch

No need to hire and regulate photographers, visual designers and models. Our professional team does it all for you by implementing a cohesive look and sense! Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked with over 900 sellers creating +2300 listings
Photography & Graphics for a Big Converting eCommerce platform Product Listing
White Background Studio Images
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Image formatting to industry and internal specifications

Cataloging and Content Services

Give your brand identity. May your brand successfully build and expand loyalty. A well-written product description aids you sell more extra. The product content isn’t just a straight arrangement of words; it’s a demonstration of your essential values and what you want to convey to your shopper. We will assist you with specific and unique content. Provide us with the minimum details, and our professionals will transform your product into a significant sale because we want our clients to sell more and more! We have a capability and efficiency of 500 product contents each day.
Elementary Cataloging: Includes flat-file preparation with necessary product characteristics.
Intensified Cataloging: Include product titles, detailed product specifications, and all required properties to launch products on top marketplaces.

Company Registration & GST Registration

Incorporating a business has many legal, financial and personal benefits. Once incorporated, your business becomes its own legal entity and limits the liability of its shareholders. It also provides a business with long-term stability, a professional reputation and may even make your company more investable. We will help you in incorporating your business with all legal means and assist you till the time your eCommerce shop is up and running. This will include brand registrations, GST registrations, Barcode selections etc.

Marketplace Registrations and onboarding

When it comes to onboarding, that includes all the required registration steps and specifies the types of documentation needed. Our team of professionals will facilitate you in marketplace registration and onboarding. When creating your marketplace account, you must first identify your target audience, product category and then locate the best channels to reach them. Our advertising team will assist you with this as well.

Expand in international markets via different marketplaces

There’s a lot of advantages to expanding sales to one or more marketplaces. One of the biggest benefits is that sellers can leverage the brand without having to foot the upfront costs of building business name recognition on their own in a brand-new sale environment. The servings that have help in succeeding on the Marketplace include:
Deep Knowledge of Marketplace trends

Products with a high demand on the market

Analyze if the products you have are appropriate for the market you will enter.

Customer focus in all aspects

Collecting reviews

High-quality products