Amazon PPC for Cleocotton’s Fabrics!

amazon ppc for fabrics


A USA-based leading clothing brand seamlessly blends comfort and style to offer fashion enthusiasts a unique and unparalleled experience. From casual wear to sophisticated ensembles, the brand caters to diverse fashion preferences.

Inefficient PPC Budget AllocationInadequate Product ListingLimited Ad Categories ExecutedInefficient ACOS Management


Cleocotton approached us with sales concerns on Amazon, seeking a 150% increase in both organic sales and PPC ad performance.

  • Enhance PPC sales with an ACOS below 25%.
  • Boost sales for underperforming child ASINs.
  • Enhance organic sales and Listing Quality
  • Strengthen brand recognition and brand building on Amazon.

Our Solution:

Step 1:

Before launching PPC ads, we thoroughly examined Cleocotton’s listings, identified areas for enhancement, implemented content improvements, and elevated the overall listing quality score.

  • Strategically enhanced content, including titles, bullet points, and product descriptions, alongside visually appealing high-quality product images to attract potential customers.
  • Conducted a competitive analysis to benchmark against industry leaders, optimized Cleocotton’s positioning, and resolved issues impacting the listing quality score.
  • Ensured consistency in branding across all listings to build a strong and recognizable brand image.

Step 2:

Conducted extensive market research and utilizing data from reliable keyword research tools, we got a clear understanding of the actions required to boost both organic and PPC sales for Cleocotton.

  • Launched several campaigns aimed at the top keywords related to cleocotton products and soon scaled up the count of campaigns covering entire categories.
  • Compiled a strategic keyword list from leading competitors, emphasizing high-converting search terms. Analyzed search term reports and optimized campaigns efficiently to improve ad performance.
  • Created visually captivating display and brand ads and capitalized on an untapped opportunity by creating high-quality videos, noting the absence of video ads among main rivals.

Step 3:

Enhanced sales and optimal ACOS led us to expand beyond Amazon for brand building and rank enhancement. Initiating Meta and Google ads significantly boosted brand recognition and visibility.

  • Cleocotton’s brand presence extended beyond Amazon through Meta and Google ads, capturing a broader audience and gaining a competitive edge in the crowded marketplace
  • Meta and Google ads allowed for precise targeting, ensuring that Cleocotton’s products reached the most relevant and interested Amazon users.
  • The combined effect of improved visibility, brand awareness, and targeted advertising positively impacted Cleocotton’s sales performance on Amazon.


With this three-step approach, we illuminated Cleocotton’s presence on Amazon, yielding the following outcomes:

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