Coastal Distribution has partnered with Krolog to manage our Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PCP) advertising campaigns and to add new product listings. Their expertise has helped us reduce our advertising costs while increasing overall sales. Krolog’s support has enabled us to achieve a high return on ad spend with lower costs, particularly on Amazon. They have helped us achieve positive results without incurring the typically higher costs associated with larger firms. We wholeheartedly recommend Krolog to anyone looking for PPC advertising and product listing management.

B Eldridge

I am completely new to selling on any e-commerce platform, and a new seller on Amazon. I engaged Krolog a few of months ago to help me launch my first product on Amazon. Among the many services they offer, I’ve used three: detail page development, Amazon Store development, and marketing planning and execution. The results I’ve received from them are nothing short of outstanding across the board, at prices lower than most of their competition. I”m delighted with their services and hope to be their client for many years.

Pete Cariani

Krolog is a wonderful company to work with for Amazon advertising services and beyond. Staff are professional and they go above and beyond to help their clients grow their business. Since I have worked with this company, my Amazon sales has increased greatly. Very knowledgeable and professional. Special thanks to Dheeraj for his amazing work!


Krolog has helped me immensely in understanding how Amazon works and has driven excellent results in terms of sales. They are committed to their Client’s success. Thank you Krolog.

Jyoti Singh

If you’re looking to grow your business more , this is the right place , im 100% satisfied with them for increasing my amazon business, they’re professional team

noori sports

My Krolog is reliable and always available when needed. Amazing results!

C. H

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