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Get ready to see a significant increase in sales from your TikTok shop. We’ll assist you in quickly launching, running, and growing your shop. Don’t miss out on the action ! In the realm of TikTok Shop, success often hinges on a creative and engaging strategy. We’ll collaborate with you to understand what makes your audience tick and identify content creators that have a strong affinity with your brand to promote your products and drive revenue.

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What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is a set of ecommerce features built natively in TikTok’s app that enable brands to promote and sell their products directly to TikTok users. This includes features like product catalogs, a new Shop tab, an affiliate marketplace, and the ability for brands and creators to post shoppable videos and livestreams.

The TikTok Shop Opportunity

Following the success of trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and build on the success of similar models in other markets, TikTok Shop is well on its way to becoming a global e-commerce giant. We’re talking billions of dollars here. You want to take advantage of this opportunity early. We will make sure you have the best chance of success.

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Gen Z uses social media as top source of their shopping inspiration

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US Shoppers claimed to be satisfied when TikTok involved.

Our TikTok Services

Catalog Management

Setting up TikTok Shop and Creating Product Pages/Storefront:

Producing high quality, organized and user-friendly TikTok Shops give you a competitive edge on the nascent platform and makes it easier for potential customers to browse and make purchases.

Product Research and Selection:

We carry out careful product research that can help identify trending and popular products that have demand on TikTok. Selecting the right products that resonate with the TikTok audience and importantly those that lead to higher sales.

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Affiliate Marketing

Choosing the Right Affiliate Plan:

Selecting the appropriate affiliate plan that aligns with your brand’s goals and target audience can help bring in more potential customers through affiliate marketing.

Finding the Right Creators:

Collaborating with TikTok creators who have a relevant and engaged following can expose your products to a larger audience and drive sales through influencer marketing.

Developing and Maintaining Relationships with Affiliates:

Building strong relationships with affiliates can lead to ongoing promotion of your products, ensuring a consistent flow of potential customers.

TikTok Advertising

TikTok Shop Promotion:

Promoting your TikTok Shop within the TikTok platform can increase visibility and attract users who are already on the app, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Paid Advertising:

Paid advertising on TikTok can help target specific demographics or interests, ensuring that your products are shown to users who are more likely to make a purchase.

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Fulfillment Operations:

Fulfillment by TikTok Shop (FBT):

Oversee and manage stock replenishments efficiently with FBT ensures that products are always in stock, reducing the chances of missed sales opportunities due to product unavailability.


We make life easier by integrating your TikTok Shop with platforms like Amazon or third-party logistics (3PL) that improve the efficiency of order processing and delivery. This ensures that customers receive their orders promptly, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Performance Reporting:

Reviewing Affiliate Marketing and Content Strategy:

Regularly analyzing the performance of your affiliate marketing efforts and content strategy helps you understand what’s working and what needs improvement. This allows us to refine the approach and focus on strategies that yield the best results.

Developing Recommendations for Future Strategy:

Based on performance data, we can make data-driven decisions and recommendations for future strategies. This can include adjustments to product selection, marketing tactics, and affiliate partnerships to optimize sales.

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