How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals


How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals – To find anything at one place, google is the right place to end your search. When was the last time you were browsing unknowingly? For example; if you need a kitchen appliance, you will probably end up searching online. A quick Google search with the tag “XYZ kitchen appliance on budget” will likely give you multiple search results. 

Now think about it from a business point of view. There are dozens of people searching for your products or services. So, how will you reach these potential customers? Here comes Google Ads to the play. Choosing to advertise is probably the biggest step one needs to take. It highlights the timeline when growth is required for any business. 

But, unlike any investment, you must make sure that it adds value to your plan. Are Google ads the right choice for business? In this article, we will learn everything about Google ads and how it’s harnessing the prowess of Business.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement that enables businesses to showcase ads across all of Google’s properties. By using Google Ads, advertisers can create ads as per chosen keywords and Google Display Network tracks them. Google ads are targeted at a specific group of audience and can be controlled as per the demographic and search history. Advertisers usually create ads and pay whenever someone interacts with the ads like clicking on them. The cost per click is recorded and is varied as per the advertiser’s industry, location, and competition in the market.

5 Different types of google ads

types of google ads

A variety of Google ads allows a company to promote its business more creatively. This in return gives them better results in business growth. Google Ads offers 5 types of ads, these are:

1. Google Search Ads: 

Search ads are the most well-known type of ads that every user will most likely see on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). These ads usually display at the top of the page carrying the word “AD” next to the URL. The purpose of these ads is to improve the search engine visibility strengthen brand awareness and bring traffic to the business. 

2. Display Ads: 

These are image ads that appear on every Google property. It includes more than two million Google properties like websites and apps like Gmail and YouTube.

3. Shopping Ads:

Shopping ads appear on SERP as a carousel rather than search results.

4. Video Ads:

Whenever a user refers to any YouTube video, they often encounter an ad. This is the perfect example of video ads that appear before or during YouTube videos.

5. App Ads:

These are simple ways of advertising via an app on many channels over the internet.

Google offers ad campaigns that utilize many types of ads as per business goals. The useful campaigns are local campaigns and smart campaigns. Local campaigns often target potential customers to increase physical store visits. Whereas smart campaigns are automated where Google decides which ad format to use for investment purposes.

5 Benefits of Using Google Ads for e-commerce business

Are you still on the edge about using Google Ads for your business? Here are some pointers that probably might help you in advancing business.

1. Increased Brand awareness and visibility

The foremost thing to be understood is the way of increasing brand visibility. Google ads are the perfect savior in enhancing business visibility by reaching qualified leads or potential buyers to build a loyal customer base. 

2. Increase traffic to the website

When more is reached, the traffic will increase. Google ads increase traffic to the business to nearly four times as many people click on paid search ads as compared to any other search engine.

3. Targeted ads to specific audiences

Google ads give the ability to reach a specific audience. You can use a specific set of keywords along with demographics to increase engagement.

4. Track and Measure performance

Google ads are packed with advanced tracking tools. It allows us to access better and understand the insights about which keyword ranks better. Google Analytics data allows you to track the engagement on clicks along with a demographic that showcases the trends with a specific date. It helps in optimizing future ad campaigns across all the platforms.

5. Improved ROI

Google ads are an investment that pays you multiple times back without breaking the advertisement budget. The profitability of any business can be measured by ROI. Because of the Google ads PPC system, the ads will be visible to the qualified leads and are only charged to potential customers while visiting the website. It reduces money wastage by only showing ads to potential customers.

How to set up a Google ads campaign?

To set up a Google campaign, here are a few steps one needs to complete. It accelerates the procedure and yields better results.

  • Choose the right campaign as per the requirement.
  • Right Keywords need to choose
  • Create valuable campaigns
  • Use Landing pages
  • Create compelling ad copies
  • Set a particular budget and target options
  • Test, calculate growth, and monetize the ad campaigns.

The process of creating a Google ad campaign is simple, yet effective. Follow these seven steps and enjoy your business’s growth!


Setting up an ad campaign is not a difficult task, it requires an ambition to build high quality campaign. The ideas must be logical and to the point such that they bring organic potential customers. We have understood How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals and how they boost a business. So, to enhance your business capabilities and growth, try Google ads today!

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