How to Sell Used Items on Amazon


Looking for How to Sell Used Products on Amazon? Making sales of the used goods on Amazon will give you greater profits if it’s done right. For those who want to remove some things from their homes or begin small enterprises, as far as this venture is concerned, they may find out by following these instructions.

Why Sell on Amazon?

One of the largest online marketplaces globally is Amazon, with millions of product seekers daily come to the site. It is estimated that there are around 240 million customers who have bought items from more than 80 countries and regions in the Amazon website. Globally, it is estimated that Amazon has a consumers’ database of around 500 million people and this has been growing rapidly over the years due to globalization which has made e-commerce easier than before. Amazon being a global company details about Amazon’s global presence which spans across various continents and cultures so as to capture how globalized its operations are. Evidently then, it might be contended that amazon is truly present everywhere on earth particularly if we consider its hallmark “amzn” emblazoned on almost everything electronic. The sentence therefore could read “Amazon is a global company with its presence felt all over.”

A Guide on How to Sell Used Items on Amazon:

1. Set Up Your Amazon Seller Account:

Before you can list your items for sale, you need to create a seller account on Amazon. Here’s how:

a)  Visit Amazon Seller Central: Go to Amazon Seller Central.

b) Choose Your Selling Plan: Amazon offers two selling plans:

  • Individual Plan: Suitable for those who plan to sell fewer than 40 items per month. This plan charges $0.99 per item sold, plus additional selling fees.
  • Professional Plan: Ideal for those who plan to sell more than 40 items per month. This plan has a flat monthly fee of $39.99, plus additional selling fees.

c) Create Your Account: Provide the required information, including your name, email, and business details if applicable. You’ll also need to provide your credit card and bank account information for payment processing.

2 .List Your Used Items:

Once your seller account is set up, you can start listing your used items for sale.

a) Find the Product: Use the search bar on Seller Central to find the item you want to sell. If the item already exists on Amazon, you can list it under the existing product page. If it doesn’t exist, you will need to create a new product listing.

b) Condition of the Item: Select the appropriate condition for your item (e.g., Used – Like New, Used – Very Good, Used – Good, Used – Acceptable). Be honest and accurate in your description to avoid customer complaints and returns.

c) Set Your Price: Determine a competitive price for your item. Check the prices of similar used items on Amazon to get an idea of what customers are willing to pay.

d) Write a Detailed Description: Provide a clear and detailed description of your item, including any flaws or defects with the help of krolog’s A+ Content or Premium A+ Content. The more information you provide, the more confident buyers will feel about purchasing from you.

e) Upload Photos: High-quality photos can significantly increase the chances of selling your item. Make sure the photos are clear, well-lit, and show the item from different angles.

3. Manage Your Inventory:

Keep track of your inventory to ensure you don’t sell items that are no longer available. Use the inventory management tools in Seller Central to update quantities, adjust prices, and monitor sales performance.

4. Fulfill Orders:

If an item is sold, then one has to fulfill the order quickly so as not to spoil the ratings of an the sellers. When an item is sold, you will need to ensure you complete the order quickly so that it does not ruin your positive seller’s ratings. It is another platform called Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) where the company handles storing, packaging and shipping the products on your behalf. Therefore you are only needed to relocate your goods to Amazon’s warehouse and that’s all they do with the rest which saves time while providing Prime subscriptions. On the other hand, Fulfilments by Merchants (FBM) means that you take charge of everything including storage, packaging and delivery process of your product. Remember that the most important thing is making sure you deliver as soon as possible alongside providing tracking numbers as need be.

5. Provide Excellent Customer Service:

It’s very important to have good seller ratings and feedback, which you can only maintain if customers are happy with the service you provide them. Answer any questions from potential buyers as soon as possible; follow up on all their complaints in a timely fashion without being rude; make sure returned goods are processed without any trouble whatsoever but in such way that both sides will be satisfied.

6. Monitor and Optimize Your Performance:

Periodically evaluate your sales performance and adjust your listing optimization as necessary. Use the reports and analytics from Seller Central to identify sales trends, customer feedback and improvement areas.

Tips for Successful Selling:

  • Show the right and genuine information regarding the products.
  • Set the attractive prices to beat the competitors and get sales.
  • Take your time and get high quality product photos.
  • Make sure that products get delivered on time.
  • Solve customer’s issue as soon as possible.


Selling used products on Amazon could be a lucrative business opportunity. So, follow the steps outlined above to sell used products on Amazon, or if you require assistance in selecting a product and creating an Amazon Seller Accounts, please contact us.

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