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How Krolog Painted a 400% Sales Increase for Cantoo City’s Art Supplies with Amazon PPC?


Art Supplies Brand

Established in 2021, Cantoo City is a Canadian brand offering affordable, quality art supplies. From paints and brushes to sketchbooks and watercolor Pads, Cantoo City offers a diverse range of products tailored to inspire and support artistic expression across various mediums and styles.


The brand partnered with Krolog to skyrocket its Amazon Store sales, leveraging cutting-edge Amazon Advertising tactics to supercharge both sales and organic reach.

  • Low  Brand Visibility & Traffic 
  • Low Customer Engagement
  • Increase new-to-brand Orders & Repeat Customer base
  • Poor PPC Campaign Performance
  • Low Sales


Strategic Keyword Integration

Through meticulous product analysis and competitor assessment, we pinpoint the optimal keywords to precisely target the right audience, ensuring maximum visibility and sales on Amazon.

Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization
  • Creation of multiple campaigns targeting different audience segments and product categories.
  • Implementation of the trial-and-error approach to continuously refine ad copy, keywords, and targeting parameters based on performance metrics.
  • Emphasis on brand campaigns to bolster brand recognition and reach among potential customers.


  • Thorough keyword research to identify high-intent search queries relevant to their products with professional industry Tools
  • Creation of compelling ad copies highlighting unique selling propositions and promotional offers.
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization of campaign performance, including bid adjustments and ad creative testing.


By leveraging data-driven PPC campaigns, Cantoo City significantly boosted sales and enhanced brand awareness

  • 400% Increase in Total Sales
  • 106% Increase in Visitor Engagement
  • 128% Increase in Conversion rate
  • 191% Increase in the ROAS trend

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