Nude Envie through Google and Meta


Nude Envie, a prominent player in the cosmetics and beauty industry, is recognized for its premium line of skincare and beauty products. With a commitment to delivering high-quality and ethically sourced items.


Nude Envie sought the expertise of Krolog for strategic assistance in harnessing the potential of  Google and Meta Ads. Explore the collaborative journey, shedding light on the transformation and success achieved through innovative digital marketing solutions. 

Ad Performance: Encountering challenges with the performance of Meta and Google ads for the cosmetic industry,  struggling to achieve desired results. 

Targeting Effectiveness: Difficulty in precisely targeting the audience, leading to suboptimal engagement and conversions. 

Ad Creatives: Facing issues in creating compelling and high-converting ad creatives that resonate with the target audience. 

Competitor Analysis: Limited insights into competitor strategies on Meta and Google,  hindering competitiveness. ∙

Tracking & Ad Copy Effectiveness: Establishing robust tracking mechanisms to monitor campaign success and seeking guidance on improving ad copy effectiveness for enhanced click-through rates and conversions.


Design of Action Plan:

Keyword Targeting and Optimization: Conduct comprehensive keyword research to identify high-performing keywords and Implement negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic.

Ad Copy Enhancement and Extensions: Craft compelling ad copies that highlight Nude  Envie’s unique selling points and Utilize ad extensions to encourage click-throughs.

Shopping Campaign Optimization: Set up and optimize Google Shopping campaigns with rich visuals and pricing details. Leverage product listing ads to capture users’ attention

Conversion Tracking and Analytics: Use Analytics for user behavior insights and track top-performing pages. Implement advanced conversion tracking to measure Ads effectiveness.

Retargeting and Remarketing Strategies: Initiate retargeting campaigns to re-engage  website visitors who didn’t purchase and use dynamic remarketing for personalized ads

Execution of the Strategy: 

Campaign Launch: Initiated targeted Meta and Google Ad campaigns, integrating A/B testing to refine ad elements, aiming to enhance overall campaign effectiveness and maximize results. 

Adaptation to Trends and Seasonality: Executed changes to campaigns in response to seasonal shifts, aiming to capitalize on peak shopping periods and relevant trends. Utilized trends and insights from Google for adjustments.

Optimization: Analysed metrics to allocate budget to successful campaigns. Continuously refined targeting based on data insights, prioritizing high-converting audience segments.  Conducted experiments with bidding strategies to meet sales goals. 

Responsive Ad Campaigns: Crafted responsive ads to ensure a seamless and visually pleasing experience across diverse devices. Employed strategies tailored for mobile devices and optimized ad formats to ensure optimal performance.

Evaluation and reporting: Used data-driven insights to refine the Ads strategy over time.  Shared key performance indicators (KPIs) with the team, providing insights into ROI and areas for improvement. 

By combining these strategies, Krolog developed a strong and flexible approach to Google and Meta  Ads, contributing to increased sales and the growth of Nude Envie, as evidenced by the following results.

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