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Cosmetic Brand

Nude Envie, a cosmetics brand based in the USA, is dedicated to celebrating natural beauty and providing products aligned with their customers’ values. With a diverse range of cosmetics and makeup, Nude Envie emphasizes natural ingredients to address various skin types and concerns. Despite meticulous listing crafting, including Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), and positive customer reviews, Nude Envie faced challenges in sales performance compared to competitors.


The brand collaborated with Krolog to significantly boost sales on its Amazon Store, harnessing advanced Amazon Advertising tactics to enhance both sales performance and organic visibility.

  • Sales struggled despite high-quality listings
  • Previous PPC ad campaigns failed to meet expectations
  • Despite efforts, the desired sales figures were not achieved
  • Limited Customer Engagement


Keyword Research Strategy:

  • Utilized various tools like Amazon Keyword Tool, Ahrefs, SellerApp, AMZ One, Jungle Scout, and Helium 10.
  • Identified relevant keywords and phrases for Nude Envie’s products.

Amazon PPC Campaign Creation:

  • Created multiple PPC campaigns targeting specific keywords.
  • Set up ad groups within each campaign for maximum relevance.

Ad Content Development:

  • Developed compelling ad campaigns highlighting Nude Envie’s unique selling propositions.
  • Incorporated attractive product images for enhanced user engagement.

Bid Management:

  • Monitored campaigns closely and adjusted keyword bids regularly.
  • Ensured competitive bidding for prominent ad placement.


The Amazon PPC campaign , Krolog implemented for Nude Envie, an online retailer of natural cosmetic products, had a significant impact on their sales and visibility on the platform. Here are the results we achieved:

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