How To Embed Klaviyo Form On Shopify


Looking to embed Klaviyo form on shopify store, in this article i will guide you how to do it properly by using multiple methods

Note: Before creating the form make sure that you are ready with your shopify store.

Here is the steps How to Embed Klaviyo Signup Form on Shopify:

Step-1: Create a Klaviyo Signup Form

  • Log in to your Klaviyo account.
  • Navigate to Campaigns > Signup Forms.
  • Click Create Signup Form.
  • Choose the type of form (e.g., Newsletter) and design it according to your preferences.
  • Once satisfied, click Publish.

Step-2: Copy the Form Embed Code

  • In the published form, click the Share button.
  • Select Embed Form.
  • Choose Form Type as Embedded Form (not popup, flyout, or full page). This ensures the code works for Shopify.
  • You’ll see the embed code. Copy the entire code snippet.

Step-3: Embed the Form in Shopify (using two Types)

Type 1: Embedding in the Footer

Access Shopify’s management dashboard. Click on Themes after visiting the Online Store. You should click the three dots next to your current theme and choose Edit Code. Open it from the footer.liquid file. Choose the location on the footer where you want this form to show up, such as the bottom section, and then copy and paste that location. Simply click Save to copy the Klaviyo form embed code to the precise spot where you previously set it.

Type 2: Embedding in a Paticular Page

Go to ‘Themes’ option under ‘Online Store’ in your Shopify admin. From there, click on ‘Customize’. Look for the page template you plan to include the form Click on ‘Add Section’ and scroll down for ‘Klaviyo Embedded Form’ under ‘Apps’. Click on it to add the new section. When setting up this area paste your KLAVIYO FORM ID it is found inside URL’s embed code URL which has six letters at its end in textbox area and save it.

Step-4: Testing and Verification

After embedding the form in the way you like, save the modifications on Shopify. Check out the form incorporated in your live store. Submit your email address to confirm that everything goes according to plan when it merges with Klaviyo.

Additional Tips:

In case the theme of your Shopify does not have a built-in Klaviyo Embedded Form area, you will need to directly change the theme’s code, which necessitates some HTML/CSS knowledge. Consider finding help from a Shopify subject developer if necessary.


Klaviyo provides resources and guides to help you customize your Klaviyo form’s style to match your Shopify store’s branding.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully embed your Klaviyo signup form on your Shopify store and start collecting email addresses from your visitors!

Lastly we want to inform you that we are providing high end shopify development services, if you are interested feel free to contact us.


1. How do I add a Klaviyo popup form to Shopify?

  • First and foremost, go to “Integrations”. …
  • Select “Shopify”.
  • Select the “Automatically install Klaviyo onsite Javascript” checkbox. …
  • If it’s not checked, check it and click update.
  • Then, return to Signup Forms and select “Install Code Snippet”.

2. Why is my Klaviyo form not showing up on Shopify?

Verify that you have followed all directions to install and enable the Klaviyo. js onsite code snippet (also known “Active on Site” tracking). If you’re using an embedded form, verify that you have the correct embed code installed within your site’s code exactly as it appears in the installation model.

3. How do I link a form to a list in Klaviyo?

Next to your form, select the 3 dots > Edit form. In the form editor, click on the submit button in the preview. Under List to Submit, select a new list from the dropdown. Click Back in the editing sidebar.

4. How do I share access to Klaviyo?

  • Go to the “Settings” section on your Klaviyo dashboard.
  • Navigate to the “Users” panel and click “Add New User.”
  • Enter the new user’s email address, assign them a User role and click “Add User.”

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