How To Find What Shopify Theme A Website Is Using


Looking for How To Find What Shopify Theme A Website Is Using? Ever browsed a Shopify shop and fashionable its clean layout or person-friendly format? If you are curious about the topic powering that keep’s visible identity, you’re in luck! There are numerous ways to pick out a Shopify topic, and this blog will unveil all of them.

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How To Find What Shopify Theme A Website Is Using:

Method 1: Manual Approach

We can do it our self by following the below method to find what shopify theme you competitors are using

Access the internet site’s source code. This entails a proper-click and a menu choice relying in your browser:


Right-click anywhere on the page and choose “View Page Source” or use Ctrl + U (Command + Option + U on Mac).

The Search Begins:

Use (Ctrl + F on PC, Command + F on Mac) and type in “Shopify.theme”. This will help you finding the theme more easier

Identifying the Theme:

You’ll be directed to a code snippet comparable to this:


Shopify.theme = {“name”:”Classic”,”id”:38651523,”theme_store_id”:721,”role”:”main”};

In this example, “Classic” is the theme’s name. You can use this name to search the Shopify theme store and learn more about it.

Method 2: Chrome Extensions

This is the most effective and easier methods then all other methods to detect the shopify theme by using chrome extensions.

Open Chrome Extensions:

Head over to search bar then start searching for shopify theme detectors then choose right one to fulfill your requirement. Below we have mentioned the best tools for you!

  • ShopiTheme Detector
  • Koala Inspector

Re-Visit the Shopify Website:

Navigate to the store you want to investigate.

Activating the Extension:

After the above step open the extension and click on it to start analyzing the shopify store

Method 3: Online Tools

While not as well-known as Chrome extensions, some on-line tools offer Shopify subject detection functionalities. Here’s a caveat: those equipment might not be as reliable or correct as browser extensions. Here are more than one examples to explore:

A Thing to Remember:

If Shopify theme stays elusive in the code, it’s possible the shop utilizes a custom subject no longer built by using Shopify.

The accuracy of online tools can vary, so proceed with a grain of salt.

Final Words:

By getting to know those strategies, you’ll be ready to unveil the theme in the back of any Shopify store you come across, empowering you to attract proposal or discover similar subject matters for your very own store. Now, pass forth and look into those keep windows!

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