Kuiziin’s Parchment Paper


How we featured Kuiziin’s product on Amazon’s choice list?

Kuiziin is an UAE-based online retailer of Parchment paper. They wanted to increase their sales on Amazon and drive more traffic to their product pages. They are spending too much on ads and not getting even good traffic on their listing.


Need to improve product listing rank on amazon and lower down irrelevant Ad spend.

Major Challenges

After analysis we observe the listing is not matched with amazon guidelines. Numbers of issues with their Amazon PPC campaigns, including poor ACoS, bids, campaign structure, and so on.

Main Issues that we faced

  • Listing details page was wrong.
  • Product title was not as per the amazon policy.
  • Search terms were not added.
  • Listing description and other details are not properly optimized.
  • Only Auto target campaigns are live
Overall Sales1162.452878.24147%
PPC Spend893.83998.7310.50%
PPC Sales1189.442098.0873%
Acos75%47%Drop By 37%

Our Solution:

  • Paused all Existing campaigns
  • Relist product with proper guidelines
  • Did keyword research and have optimized listing detail page
  • Added proper SEO friendly content in listing backend
  • Have added search every week as per the trending keyword search
  • Participate in all amazon recommended promotions like deals, prime exclusive discounts etc.


After making all profitable changes in listing content and optimization. We launch campaigns with proper strategy. And these steps tend to improve sales and reduce ACOS. and also our product featured in Amazon Choice.

  • 129% increase in average monthly orders
  • Overall sales increased by 147%
  • 2.1X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) established while efficiently scaling revenue.
  • Drop Acos by 37%

We sincerely value your acknowledgment of the unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic exhibited by your team. Their unwavering commitment serves as the driving factor behind our continual achievement of exceptional outcomes, all with the primary goal of ensuring your complete satisfaction.
The CEO of “Kuiziin

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