Sherlix Products


The Power of Micro-level Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization for Sherlix Products

Sherlix is a woman-owned venture selling  gym water bottle holders on Amazon. Their products were not getting visibility on amazon due to their uniqueness and Krolog was tasked to manage their advertising campaigns.


Lower down irrelevant Ad spend and ACoS while maintaining or increasing sales.

Challenges Faced

When they contacted us, they were having a number of issues with their Amazon PPC campaigns, including poor ACoS, bids, campaign structure, and so on. The campaigns were experiencing high ACoS and each campaign was having the same issue. The client requested us to reduce the ACoS to 25-30% with a ROAS of 4-5.

Main Issues that we faced:

  • Bids were not optimized properly
  • Campaign structure was not in place
  • High ACoS
    • ACoS: 52.5%, ROAS: 1.9


KPIOctober 2022
PPC Sales$694.40


KPINovember 2022
PPC Sales$2,014.39

Successfully reached the desired ACoS of under 25%

KPIDecember 2022
PPC Sales$1,664.14

Our Solution

  • Paused Non Profitable Ad Campaigns
  • Re-used Converting old keywords with different bidding strategies
  • Launched New Sponsored Ad campaigns – Both Manual & Auto
  • Targeted High priced and Low Rated Competitors in our Campaigns
  • This strategy assisted us in stealing competitor’s sales.
  • Performed Micro-level PPC Campaign Optimization


After implementing new campaigns featuring profitable keywords and a well-optimized bidding strategy, we quickly witnessed a significant improvement in our results. Sales surged, and our ACoS consistently improved, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.

We deeply appreciate your recognition of the dedication and tireless efforts displayed by your team. Their steadfast commitment is the driving force behind our consistent delivery of outstanding results, all aimed at ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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