Cheapest Ways to Ship to Amazon FBA


Looking for Cheapest Ways to Ship to Amazon FBA! Sometimes it is quite expensive for a seller to send commodities to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), especially when they are trying to keep the prices as low as possible. Coming up with the most affordable ways of shipping to Amazon FBA could highly help in ensuring that you make more profits out of your sales. Below, there are some ways through which you can lower these costs.

Here Is Your Cheapest Ways to Ship to Amazon FBA:

1. Use Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program

The Partnered Carrier Program from Amazon provides reduced rates for shipping by means of its favorite courier firms, principally UPS. Using this program will allow you to slash your shipment prices significantly compared to those of normal rate.

How to Use It:

  • Go to the “Manage Inventory” section in your Seller Central account.
  • Select the items you want to send to FBA and click on “Send/Replenish Inventory.”
  • Follow the steps to create a shipping plan and choose the Partnered Carrier Program option.
  • Print the shipping labels provided by Amazon and arrange for pickup or drop-off.

2. Optimize Your Packaging

Shipping costs is heavily influenced by packaging. If you were to optimize your packaging, it would lead to reduced dimensions as well as weight for your shipments thus lower shipping rates.

Tips for Optimizing Packaging:

  • Use the smallest box possible while ensuring product safety.
  • Avoid using excessive packing materials.
  • Consider using poly bags or bubble mailers for smaller, lightweight items.

3. Ship in Bulk

You save more money on shipping when you ship many things together . So, there are benefits of scale when one sends more goods at ago in the same consignment.


  • Reduced per-unit shipping cost.
  • Lower handling fees.
  • Fewer shipments to manage.

How to Implement:

  • Consolidate multiple products into one shipment.
  • Plan your inventory replenishments to send larger shipments less frequently.

4. Choose the Right Carrier

Different carrier do charge different prices depending on the weight, size and where it is being sent. Comparing different carriers will help you find the cheapest option.

Popular Carriers for FBA Shipments:

  • UPS (often recommended through Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program)
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • USPS (for smaller, lighter packages)

How to Compare Rates:

  • Use online shipping rate comparison tools.
  • Get quotes from different carriers for the same shipment.
  • Consider delivery speed and reliability along with cost.

5. Negotiate Shipping Rates

You might be able to get better prices with carrier services if you frequently deliver in large quantities. Rates may be lowered when you contact the carrier’s representatives and explain your shipping needs.

Steps to Negotiate:

  • Analyze your shipping volume and frequency.
  • Reach out to carrier sales representatives.
  • Compare offers and negotiate for the best rates.

6. Utilize Freight Forwarders

When you want to transport goods across different countries, it is advisable that you use freight forwarders because not only are they affordable but also they have more experience in clearing goods more easily than regular international transporters.


  • Lower international shipping costs.
  • Assistance with customs clearance and documentation.
  • Consolidation of shipments for cost savings.

Popular Freight Forwarders:

  • Flexport
  • ShipBob
  • Freightos

7. Take Advantage of Shipping Discounts and Promotions

Look out for discounts on shipping offered by carriers or third-party logistics suppliers. They can help you cut down on costs such as volume discounts and loyalty programs due to seasonal offers.

How to Find Discounts:

  • Subscribe to carrier newsletters and updates.
  • Check for promotions during peak shipping seasons.
  • Utilize shipping platforms that offer discounted rates.

8. Work with a Professional Amazon Seller Agency

It can be challenging to navigate complexities associated with shipping to Amazon FBA. One way of streamlining your logistics and reducing shipping costs is by partnering with the best professional Amazon seller agency like Krolog. They mainly deal with ensuring that your operations run optimally for all Amazon sellers and focusing on shipping strategies.

Benefits of Working with Krolog:

  • Expert guidance on cost-effective shipping methods.
  • Assistance with shipping plan creation and execution.
  • Negotiated shipping rates with carriers.
  • End-to-end logistics management.

Learn More about Krolog: Visit Krolog to discover how they can help you save on shipping costs and improve your overall Amazon FBA experience.


To keep profit margins healthy it is vital that Amazon FBA shipping expenses are reduced. By using Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program, optimizing packaging, shipping bulk quantities, choosing the correct carrier, negotiating rates, using freight forwarders, and exploiting discounts with carriers this can be achieved. Also working with an expert Amazon seller agency such as Krolog offers both useful advice and chances for saving money.

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